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15% Off for all Veterans & First Responders

Residential Inspections starting at: $395
This also includes…
  • Free – Infrared Scan (inside scan)
  • Free – Report Review (in person or by video)
  • Free – Inspection Post Repair
We also offer services below that will help you make the best decision for your investment.

  • Termite Inspection
  • Walk-Through Inspection
  • Sewer Video Scope and Report
  • Septic Inspection
  • Mold Sampling
Walk-Through Inspection

We will designate 2 hours to give you a verbal assessment of the home.
No report is given with a Walk-Through Inspection.

Termite Inspection
Termite Inspection provided by Licensed Termite Inspector providing their finding on form NPMA-33.

Sewer Scope
A camera will be inserted into the main sewer line which will record intrusion of roots, offsets of pipe, broken pipes and blockage. Many homeowners are not aware of these issues until after the purchase of the home and these repairs can be very costly. Homes with more than one sewer main will have additional fees. (call for quote).

Mold Sampling
Mold can be a health risk for your family. We will take a mold sample from the outside and 3 indoor. The samples will be sent to a lab specialist for analysis by overnight delivery. The lab will send a report of their finding in regard to the mold spore count and type of mold to determine if the mold is hazardous. Mold is always considered hazardous until tested and should always be remediated by a Certified EPA Contractor.

Septic Inspection
We will coordinate a professional to inspect the septic system that can show a problem with tank, drain field and pressure. Any repairs to defects will be recommended by the independent Septic professional.

Radon Testing
Coming Soon


Walk-Through        $200
Termite Letter        $75

Home Inspection 
Up to 2000 sq.ft.    $395
2000-3000  sq.ft.    $469
3000-4000  sq.ft.    $499
over 4000    sq.ft.   
    Call for quote
Mold Test                 $325 
   (3 Indoor 1 Outdoor)
Sewer Video Scope $189
Septic Inspection     $290
Radon Test (Coming Soon)

Preferred Inspection Date