Walk-Through Consultations

What is a Walk-Through Consultation?  A Walk-Through Consultation is not the same as a formal home inspection or a substitute for one.

A Walk-Through Consultation is a visual, verbal consultation. We will consult with you and answer questions about the home. We will visually observe your concerns and provide a verbal assessment about the house you may otherwise not be aware of. This may give you insight to make the right decision for your family.

Common Questions?

1. When will I be able to meet the Consultant?

The Consultant will arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the appointment to answer any questions.

2. Will the consultant provide a report?

No, we DO NOT provide a report or photos.  The Consultant will only be providing a verbal consultation during the Walk-Through.

3. Can the same Consultant perform an inspection my home?

Yes, our consultants are Certified Home Inspectors and can perform home inspections also. Once you are under contract, contact our office to schedule a home inspection with the same consultant.

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